March SOL – Day 29


Today is Day 29 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.

While checking blogs late last night I came across a new challenge – this one a weekly one for spring.
Roni Loren is hosting a weekly spring list challenge called #ListifyLife. She has provided a weekly title to use – to list, journal or write about.
The challenge started last week but there is still lots of time to join in the fun.
I’ve decided to join and here is my first entry. I will be using an old children’s board book that I have altered. I hope to have fun with it each week.
(Here’s a link to the challenge)

Spring for Me Means…

• Budding flowers – tulips, crocuses, trillums



• Easter

• Warmer, longer days

• Rain showers, thunderstorms

• Lighter jackets

• Robins nesting on our porch


(Still waiting for the eggs to be laid!)

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