Mid- Week Check-In ROW80



Today is the Mid-Week Check-in for ROW80. As it has only been a couple of days since I stated my goals, I will just state what I have done.

1. Write daily – at least 500 words daily. YES!
2. Take part in CampNaNoWriMo.- I have already written 3 chapters of my novella
3. Write first draft of novella `Christmas Renewed“ – 3 chapters written
1. Support my ROW team 2x a week – Yes
2. Take part in A to Z April Challenge. Yes – have worked through A to E (my posts are here
1. Read several picture books for study purpose each week – read 3 yesterday
2. Read 2 books on writing as well as articles – read several articles
3. Read for pleasure – yes. Finished Hostage by Susan Wiggs and started another novel
1. Create daily – yes
2. Follow healthy habits: Walked 15 min. on the treadmill and drinking more water

9 thoughts on “Mid- Week Check-In ROW80

  1. Straight forward and concise goals… And clear progress! Good for you, Beverly. And… I do love your reading picture books goal. I thought about doing that myself recently. I never liked picture books as a kid, and now… I realize what a treasure trove I missed out on. Hope your research is both informative and pleasurable

  2. Welcome back, Bev. You’re already making good progress by writing those 500/words/day. I’m also doing the AtoZ blogging challenge on my writing blog. Do you have a theme? I’m writing about the research behind my current wip. Your note made me wonder what form your “create daily” is taking. Great goals. Great progress. Great Round 2 ahead.

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