Slice of Life Tuesday



Today is the March Slice of Life – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Noticeobserve. Two words, which I have often used interchangeably. This weekend, I created art tags for the A to Z April challenge I am taking part in – one set for notice and the other for observe.

notice observe 001

As I read the definitions, I really saw there was a distinct difference to them:
Notice: an act of regard, brief critical review
Observe: to watch carefully, to make a careful observation

I also realized that we need to do both of these:
-to notice what is happening around us
-to obseve closely what it is we are seeing
I thought more about times I’ve done both:
1. I noticed the nest on our porch and that the mother had deserted it.
I then observed the construction of the nest and the three beautiful blue eggs inside, one cracked due to the cold.
2. I noticed the purple flowers blooming in our side garden.
When I got closer, I observed that they were crocuses and had been flattened by the cold and snow.
3. I noticed my daughter’s two Bengal cats when we visited her place.
I really observed their interaction, their play, their growing confidence around us.

Yogi Berra’s words are so true:

observe y berra 001

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