ROW 80 Mid-Week Check-In


Today is the mid-week check-in at ROW 80.

I almost didn’t post as I felt little was achieved the past few days. But then I read Fallon Brown’s post about split focus and it made me realize once again we all get caught inlife issues.

My focus definitely wasn’t on my writing, although I did accomplish a few things:

read several articles

organized two writing projects that have to be sent out by May 1

-and I read – LOTS!

So, altho I did not write my 500 words a day since Sunday, I did get a few things done.

4 thoughts on “ROW 80 Mid-Week Check-In

  1. Sorry it took me so long to get to this; my focus was all on the fan fiction the last few days. It sounds like you did what you needed, and laid some groundwork, and did some learning. =)

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