Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – that wonderful weekly writing challenge, hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.


Kathy Stinson (a wonderful writer by the way), shared a post on “When I’m 64″, a few weeks back and it struck a chord.

We are the same age and shared many of the same thoughts when we were 15(the age we were when the song was released in 1967)

me at 15 001

I don’t think I ever thought much about being 64 when I heard the Beatles sing the song. If I did, it was to think that 64 was soooo old.

But I have made it to 64 and have learned a lot along the way. Here are 10 things I never would have imagined about myself at 64, when I was 15.


*That I would marry twice, have 3 children, 5 stepchildren and 5 grandchildren

*That though I knew I wanted to be a teacher, that I would teach 36 years and then retire at 61.

*That I would lose my Dad at 20 and my Mom 36 years later

*That I would live and teach in faraway places and love it. The 15 year old me planned to stay close to home.

*That I would donate a kidney to my husband (who I married at 50!)

*That I would be more accepting of and less self-conscious of my body.

*That I wouldn’t act old! (even if I do feel a bit old some of the time)

*That I would still love to read, love music, writing, taking photos, playing games.

*That I would call myself an artist and a writer.

*That I would be estranged from my siblings. That is one of the biggest shockers my 15 yr. old self would not expect.

18 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Wow what a great Slice structure… when I’m 64.. and your powerful life list… Loved that inspiration… I’ve been there and beyond but I’d love to borrow…. 64… 66…

  2. Life turns out so differently than we expect. At one stage in my life, I was a member of a very large church. So large that there was a long “widow’s row.” I remember thinking that I never wanted to be in that row. But I have been a widow for 16 years now, though I haven’t quite reached the 64 in the song.

  3. Wow, this is really powerful. Some of your items sent goosebumps down my arms. I wonder how my life will be different when I’m 64, which is about 25 years from now. I’m sure there are many unknown and surprising things coming my way…

  4. Loved reading this. I just turned 65, but when I (and my husband) turned 64 we sang it to each other. I liked reading of things you at 15, would not think you would be doing or had done at age 64. What a full life it sounds like you have had….and so glad you were able to not stay close to home. Now you have me thinking about what my 15 year old. would not believe about me at 65.

  5. Lives change from what we envision when we were younger. In some ways life gets better than we ever thought, but yet it goes the other way too (which makes me sad). I would have never thought I’d write and people would read it and comment. Writing was never on any horizon for me. Now I can’t imagine stopping.

  6. Our lives take so many twists and turns as we mature that it is rarely resembles what we thought it would be when we were in our teens. I love this kind of reflection piece.

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