Mid-Week Check-In ROW 80



Today is the Mid-week check-in at Row 80.

I have been trying to focus on writing each day, which I have done. Not a lot, but at least writing. First priority!
I started work on a non-fiction piece for Guideposts and that is my second priority.
Today, I pulled out my Christmas novella and have decided that that I need to finish it. That will be my third priority. I have reread what I wrote and need to make some changes.
Lastly, I need to go over my pb mss and decide what I need for the retreat I am going to in July. Then I will edit/revise as needed.

I have always been reading and have read a lot of great novels and children’s books. That has been a blessing.
I have been creating art most days.
My husband and I have started a healthier routine and we have made it through 2 days so far.

6 thoughts on “Mid-Week Check-In ROW 80

  1. Oh, the ice cream is calling. We too are trying to eat more healthily. Luckily, I only have to resist when I’m at the grocery store. I hope those words keep falling on the page and enticing you to write more. Make it a good week, especially for adding a few more scenes to that novella. Cheers!

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