Slice of Life Tuesday


Slice of Life Tuesday is a weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers” – a chance to share a slice of what’s happening in your life.


As I sat at the dining room table enjoying my first cup of tea of the day, I could hear the voices of children heading to school.

This is the fourth “first day of school” I have missed since retiring – after 30 + first days as teacher and 18 as a student. I still miss it, although the ache is duller and I have other priorities.

I still remember the anticipation of that first day, the excitement (and worry) of a new start. Prepping the classroom, ensuring plans were ready and all supplies were on hand kept me busy in the weeks before school started. Name tags, seating plans, books to read, and art projects – all got checked off my master lists as they were completed.

Then the meeting of the new students and their parents before the bell. After so many years of teaching at the same school, it was like meeting old friends.

Yes, that first day and all the preparation to get ready for it, is past now. But the memories will stay with me – always.

All the best to teachers everywhere. May the 2016/17 school year be a tremendous one.

6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. This is my third fall in retirement. I must admit that although I think about the back to school days in September, I don’t miss the pressure at all. I do miss being part of a community of teachers and I do miss the intimacy of the classroom. Luckily I found this community of writers (thanks, Kathleen) that keeps me apprised of what is going on in the world of teaching without having to get up and get there every day!

  2. Thank you for wishing me a tremendous year! I got into teaching late (at 45), but thoroughly enjoy it. Yes, it’s very busy and I’m “on” all day long, but it’s gratifying. I entered a student’s beautiful poem in a contest today. I have brilliant students creating compelling pieces in their own inspired words daily. What could be a better occupation? Thank you for your own dedication over the years to educating students! Enjoy focusing on your priorities, and may the “dull ache” you feel give way to inspiration and newfound energy!

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