Day 4: BREW – 32 Days of Writing



Today’s prompt for 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes is BREW.


When I think of brew, I think of witches (wee, Hallowe’en is fast approaching) or beer.
I don’t drink beer – I prefer red wine. And rather than brew. I steep tea, which is my drink of choice.
First thing in the morning, while I read the paper, usually with a toasted English muffin and jam. Noon and supper, a cup pf tea after the meal with a cookie or 2 or 3. A good cup of tea can soothe me after a hectic day.

My children always knew that my half hour or so after supper was my me-time – to read, have a cup of tea and dessert. I still need that, even tho I am an empty nester.
I have tried green tea, but prefer black tea with a bit of milk.


(This is my fourth ink drawing for the Inktober challenge)


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