Day 10: UNKNOWN – 31 Days of Writing


Today the theme for 31 Days of Five Minute Writes is UNKNOWN.


I have spent many times in my life facing the unknown, at times fearing to take the next step. But I did.
~moving often as child and not knowing what I’d face at each new school
~heading to university by train, on my own
~accepting a teaching job to teach in the N.W.T. and having to take 4 planes over 2 days to get to the samm native community (where I’d teach for 3 years)
~raising a son on my won for 3 years
~accepting a teaching job in Alberta by phone and moving from Ontario with only my 2 yr. 0ld son
But, life has a way or working out, especially when people step up to help you.
Yes, there were tears and fears, but I faced them down, one by one. Change is inevitable. How we react to the unknown will determine how that change turns out.



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