Day 9: POST-ITS – 31 Days of Writing


Today the theme for 31 Days of Free Writes is POST-Its.

As a teacher, post-its were a wonderful invention. I used them in so many ways:
• Leaving notes on a student’s desk
• Using for our daily graphs – each child had their name on a post-it
• For book recommendations
• To mark teaching spots in books that I would read

And so many other uses. Now I use them to remind myself of dates, times, names of books to read for example.
On my computer, I have a number of post-its:
• a list of my critique partners – and one name in particular is a reminder to live life to the fullest. She died this summer of a massive heart attack – and I had just gotten together with her a few weeks before at a retreat. Life isn’t fair sometimes. So, I look at her name and I think of her
• LLAP – Spock’s words resonate still. I put the letters up when Nimoy died.
• A list of posts I need to run off for a writing course
• And lastly, a list of 5 simple ways to be happy.
I have different sizes and colours of post-its. Someone suggested using them for plotting a novel and I aim to try this with NaNoWriMo which happens in November.

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