Day 14: MAIL – 31 Days of Writing


Today is Day 14 of the 31 Days of Writing Challenge. For Five Minutes Free Writing Friday the theme is MAIL.


I just picked up my mail and found two cheques (small – rats) and two magazines. No letters, but then, no bills either. So a bit of a balance.
I love getting mail and always have. Sometimes I will check our mailbox three or four times to be sure I didn’t miss it.
I send cards at birthdays and Christmas and newsletters with those cards. I also take part in ATC swaps so art cards are sent out, and received, regularly. Email and texts just seem so impersonal. What will happen in a hundred years when historians look for treasured letters and there are none to be found?
There is something to be said for putting pen to paper, sharing our thoughts, and sending it to a friend. It is so much more personal. We recognize a loved one’s handwriting easily and can often tell how they are feeling by the way letters are formed.
I treasure letters and cards – in fact I save most that I receive. I especially treasure my mother’s – she has been gone now eight years. Seeing her writing, reading her cards soothes me. Special memories indeed.




6 thoughts on “Day 14: MAIL – 31 Days of Writing

  1. Hey, Beverley! It’s nice to meet you :). I’ve never crossed your path before at FMF! Congratulations on taking the #write31days challenge–it’s a great accomplishment to have gotten this far. I’m glad I’m not the only one who love getting mail and compulsively checks her mailbox ;). I have boxes of saved letters. Historians will love me.

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