Day 27 – 31 Days of Writing : Bouquet, Study and Neighbour


Today is Day 27 of the 31 Days of Writing.

I was past the mid-point of the challenge when I stopped – I was writing a couple of reviews for WOW! and felt I needed to leave my blog open only to those. Trouble was, I stopped writing as well

I need to get back to the practice of daily writing as I am taking part in NANoWriMo. But I also want to finish this challenge – not just for the writing but for the art I create with each prompt. So, for the next few days, I plan to catch up, so that each day, there may be 2 or 3 or more prompts shared.

Today for the 31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes, the prompt is BOUQUET.


My first Valentine’s Day with Bill, he sent me a box of long-stemmed red roses to the school where I was teaching. Talk about exciting and embarrassing. I was called to the office and had to carry this long box back to my classroom where all my students oohed and ahhed. Yes, I did feel special.

I had never had such a bouquet of flowers before and had never had long-stemmed roses. I had no large vase for them and Bill wouldn’t be arriving til the weekend. Being practical, I cut the long stems so they would fit in the vase I had.

Bill noticed when he arrived Friday, but he never said anything about the cut stems til long after. In fact, it was his mother who was aghast that I had actually cut the roses.

We still joke about it – and Bill has never bought me long-stemmed roses again – at my request!



Day 17 of the challenge was STUDY. I had written to the prompt but had not posted it. Here it is:

I spent so many years in school and of course, time was spent studying. Tests and exams were regular occurrances, especially in high school and university. I did well on tests but I still needed to study. I often rewrote my notes to help consolidate information.

Forty years after graduating from university and I am still studying and taking courses. I still take notes and highlight facts in books.

I just finished a book on journaling and another on writing. I aqm taking 2 writing courses and doing a book study of a middle grade novel.

We are never too old to study, to learn, to grow.

study 001.jpg


Day 18 of the challenge was NEIGHBOUR

Love your neighbour as you love yourself. We have been brought up on this biblical verse from Christ. Yet, the news today is filled with attacks on others who are different, wars over religious beliefs and an election in the US that is so divisive and ugly.

Respect and decency seem to be in short supply. Yet, no one is any better than anyone else. We all bleed red and our hearts beat the same. Colour, race, religion, sexual orientation should not divide us. Too often they do – unfortunately.


This should be how accepting we should be.


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