Day 29: Date – 31 Days of Writing


Today is Day 29 of the 31 Days of Writing – with the prompt from 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes – DATE.

20-2-e1473705920896In early 2000, I met my present husband through ICQ. After several months of emails, separation and then phone calls, we finally arranged to meet for a first date in Lindsay. It was the half way point for the both of us and a neutral spot. I figured a big mall was a safe bet, especially at noon.

I was nervous, and a bit late, even tho we had gotten to know each other quite well by then. I believed he had been truthful and I know I was. We had shared pictures so I knew what he looked like.

As I walked through the mall, I saw him sitting on a bench, with his back to me. Yes? No? I hesitated briefly and then moved forward. We greeted each other and then went to the restaurant, where we ate and talked. All these years later I cannot remember our words, but I do remember feeling safe and appreciated.

I had to get home but had some grocery shopping to do. Bill went with me and at the checkout, he paid for my groceries. A thoughtful act indeed, for this single mom.

I returned home, thinking about the gentle, kind man I had finally met.

Though I had been firm to tell him I was not interested in marriage (and neither was he he said), here we are 16 years later, married for 14 years and still together, supporting and loving each other.


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