Day 31: ONLY – 31 Days of Writing


Hard to believe it is the last day of the 31 Days of Writing. Although I still have several prompts to finish and journal pages to complete, I felt this round went well. I still need to explore many of the other bloggers who participated and hope to do so through November.

But November brings NaNoWriMo and I am planning to participate.


The last prompt for the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes is ONLY.

I think I spent almost all of my time thinking of and rejecting ideas. So my piece is shorter than usual.



How often have you said that?

If only I had enough money?

I only I was older/younger?

If only I had finished school?

If only I had a bigger house/car/different job?

But the trouble with “if only” – you are looking at the future , seeking something different, and not living in the present, accepting what your life is in the here and now.

We need to stop wishing away our lives, accept who and where you are and move forward.

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