30 Words on Thursday – Snow Pal


Snow Pal

Wet packing snow

Packed into balls

One on another.

A little snowman

Perched up high.

Eyes of bark

Nose of red

Mouth, arms, hat

Warm weather arrives –

Now you’ve dissolved!


This weekly thirty word challenge by Erin at Tresori Trovati used to be a favourite of mine. But Erin stopped blogging some time ago.

I’ve missed this and so I decided, that with a New Year, I would resurrect this challenge. I hope you will join in.


30 Words on Thursday – some guidelines

  1. Take a photo of something that grabs you.
  2. Write just thirty words about it. No more. No Less. It can be a poem or a sentence but 30 words that capture the essence of the photo.
  3. Link up each Thursday by sharing your post in the comments.
  4. Be sure to visit others as well.

Easy- peasy.


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