5 Minute Friday – CONNECT


The first theme for 2017 at 5 Minute Friday is CONNECT.


To connect – to feel a closeness with someone, to feel their similarity to you, to want to spend time with that person.

We all seek connections – the first, as youngsters looking for a BFF. Then, as we get older, we seek to find someone to love and who loves us, to share our lives and hearts with them. That connection though is like a thin thread, from one heart to another and is easily severed. We need to always work at keeping that connection strong.

Our connections can last a lifetime though, giving us much support and love through good times and bad. How fortunate to have a childhood friend who knows our beginnings and is always there for us.

I’ve known my closest friend fo over fifty years. We met in Grade 5 in a park near her house. She has been there for me so many times and I for her. I am blessed.

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