March S.O.L. – Day 1


Today begins the March Slice of Life – 31 days of daily writing – the challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.
For this year’s round of slices, I’ve decided to try something different. In April, I’ve taken part in the A to Z April Challenge, with each day a different letter.
At my birthday in January, when I turned 65, I decided to write about at least 65 memories from my past. So far, I have not written many. So using the A to Z format, I have decided to use a letter each day to springboard my slice, to recreate some memories from my past.
So here today are some possible topics from which to draw each day. Which will spark the most interest each day?

A – art, Aunt
B – Bill, books, birds
C – children, Calgary, cottage, cruising, Cayman Island
D – death, divorce, dancing
E – education, elephants, exam
F – Fluffy, friendship, fantasy, flowers
G – grandparents, games
H – heart, horse racing, Haliburton
I – ice, injuries, Inuvik
J – Jade, jack o’lanterns, Jinx
K – kidneys, kitchen
L– London, love, letters
M – marriage, Maine, Manitoba
N – Norway, NWT
O – organ donation, Ocean Park
P – pets, paper, pen, painting, piano
Q – Quebec, quilts
R – reading, rosemaling
S – Scotland, sea, seasons, snow, September
T – teaching, transplant, Tanzania
U – unicorns, uniform
V – vase, violin
W – weaving, wool, winter
X – xplore, x-rays
Y – yarn, yard, year
Z – zoo

18 thoughts on “March S.O.L. – Day 1

  1. Just Monday my kids and I generated A to Z lists of possible topics, so I love seeing yours! What a great idea to slice 65 memories to mark the year. There are so many stories here I want to read: quilts, Tanzania, horse racing and London. Happy slicing!

    • Thanks Lee Ann. I thought this would spir some ideas and keep me focused throughout the month. When I taught, I always started the year with an A-Z topic list for my students as well.

  2. I like this idea! Ideas sometimes to be just our of reach – what a great way to focus some memories and writing ideas. This could also be used with students! Thanks for sharing!

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