March Slice of Life – Day 4: C


Today is Day 4 of the March Slice of Life – the writing challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

C is for Calgary

As Bill and I planned our wedding in 2002, making the decision where to go for our honey became a challenge.

2002 was the year of SARS and most hospitals were very reluctant to acceptant visitors. Because Bill was on dialysis, he would need three treatments a week while we were away. We didn’t want to leave Canada because of the health issues and the possible expense of dialysis. I was refused from a number of hospitals as I phoned around the country.

I had been to Calgary many times (I had family and friends there) but I had never been to the Calgary Stampede. As a horse racing fan, I knew Bill would love it and he had never been to Calgary either.

I phoned the hospital, not expecting much, but they agreed immediately to take Bill for the two weeks we’d be there.

So, on July 7th, we flew to Calgary for our honeymoon.


We toured the city, visited my aunt and my friends, and had a couple of days in Banff. We walked the town, took a gondola up the mount and took so many photos.


And of course, we went to the Stampede several times.


It was a wonderful 2 weeks, even if Bill had to have dialysis every two days.  He was upbeat all the time, and we were always together. A special honeymoon indeed.


2 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 4: C

  1. Indeed a special honeymoon. So glad you found a place that would help Bill plus have things to see and do that you both enjoy. Firsts are always more enjoyable when shared with that special someone.

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