March Slice of Life – Day 5: D


Today is Day 5 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.


D is for Dogs

Over my lifetime, I have had many dogs – boxers, a poodle, and several Heinz 57s.

My favourite though was one we only had for several months.

We had had two boxers when I was young, both females and both overly aggressive. Both nipped children and we had to give both away unfortunately. They ended up on a farm and were well taken care of, where they had plenty of room to run.

My dad wanted another boxer when I was a young teenager. We visited a breeder who had several. We were all drawn to a male brindle by the name of Jinx, and when we heard his story, my Dad knew we had to have him.

Jinx was a three year old show dog and had won awards. One day at the CNE, where he and his sister were in cages, awaiting another show, someone burnt both of the dogs with a lit cigarette, repeatedly.

Jinx survived the trauma, but his sister did not.

When we saw Jinx, it had been many months since the attack, but he was still terrified of noises, of strangers. He did come to us and we bought him. He latched on to all of us. He was affectionate, goofy, loving in a quiet way. Until he had water and then he sprayed us as he shook his head. He also slobbered and we knew to get out of the way when he shook his head.

We took him for walks every day, even though he cowered whenever we met someone. As the months went by, he got better about walking outdoors, not cowering as much, although he never got over his fear of strangers.

When we he visited the vet because of his excessive scratching, the vet said he had a severe case of mange, probably gotten from the kennel. The prognosis wasn’t good and would cost a lot to treat, with no guarantee. Along with other complications, the vet recommended he be put down.

My dad was so attached to Jinx but knew it was for the best. We all felt his loss. Jinx had come so far from his terror when we got him to giving us so much love.

Pets have a way of worming their way into our hearts. They quickly become a part of the family and give us so much.


6 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 5: D

  1. I will never understand how anyone can hurt an animal. There love is unconditional. We only ever had one dog when I was growing up. I was so young that I don’t even remember name of the kind of dog he was. Now. as you know, we have three cats and I wouldn’t be without them. Even though you did not have Jinx for long, he certainly knew love.

  2. Thanks Bob. It’s funny how certain pets just make such a vivid impression even almost 50 years ago. We had a cat as well – she passed away almost 4 years ago now at 21. I still can’t think of getting another pet.

  3. How anyone is cruel to a dog or any animal is so shocking to me. I’m glad that Jinx found a home for his last few months.

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