march Slice of Life – Day 9: H


Today is Day 9 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.


H is for Houses/Homes

I have lived in over 25 different places in my lifetime – 25 different homes. Each house offered shelter, a place to stay, yet also gave me lots of memories.

I lived in big houses and small; in an old century house to newer ones. I’ve lived in basement apartments, trailers, to a 20th floor apartment, from a duplex to a room in residence.

Some homes were only temporary, one for over fifteen years.

Moving so much as youngster made me want to provide stability and roots for my children and so I stayed in one small town for close to twenty years. They grew up with the same friends, same schools and had what I didn’t have.

Homes may just be brick and wood, but they define us, tell our story. Looking back, we can dee our history, our attachment to place.

I have odd memories of places:

-the fathers in our Montreal apartment building hunting rats with baseball bats in the basement

-the red ceiling of our kitchen and the huge tree out front of our big house in Rosemere

-the pools in the back yards of two houses in Scarborough

-my first house to myself in the NWT

-the old trailer I cried over and scrubbed in the small community in Alberta

-the old century house I came to hate and associate with the death of my marriage

So many places, so many memories. Some places were just houses, but many were special homes.


8 thoughts on “march Slice of Life – Day 9: H

  1. Gorgeous and meaningful writing, Bev.

    I haven’t moved around that much. I’m turning 40 this year and I’m living in my ninth residence, which includes my freshman dorm in college. That said, I think it would be neat to try to do some writing like this — looking back on special things I remember from each of those homes.

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