March Slice of Life – Day 12: K


Today is Day 12 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.


K is for Kidneys

To think – a kidney is only fist-sized, yet is such a crucial part of your body. Until I met my husband in 2000, I never really gave kidneys much thought at all.

Bill had polycystic kidney disease and I knew early on in our relationship that he would eventually need dialysis, and probably a transplant.

In 2001, his kidneys were failing and his creatinine (which measures how well kidneys are working or not) were rising so much that he  needed to have a fistula put in his wrist, to prepare for dialysis. The vein and artery were joined to allow for the huge needles used in dialysis. A few months later, he had to have his right kidney removed as it was football sized and there needed to be room for a new kidney.

There is a long wait for a cadaver kidney and so I asked to be tested as a potential donor. I was a match although it would take another year and a half before the transplant could take place. There was a team for each of us and every test along the way was done to be sure we both were healthy and able to continue. Even the day of the transplant there were tests and if my team felt anything was off, they would have stopped the process.

We married in 2002 and the following June of 2003, Bill received my right kidney.  Almost 14 years later and it is still working well. I have not noticed any changes because I only have one kidney.


(Please sign your donor cards – you can’t imagine what it means to the families who receive such a precious gift, the gift that saves lives.)


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