March Slice of Life – Day 15: N


Today is Day 15 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.


N is for NWT (North West Territories)


Growing up, the North West Territories was just a place on a map – mysterious and other worldly. I had no dream or desire to ever travel there.

Yet, when it came time to apply for teaching jobs while at teachers’ college, I applied to the NWT and had an interview. I had an ESL certificate and I was intrigued by what they offered.

I never heard for months and I had graduated and was on holiday in Cayman Island, where my brother lived, when I was offered a position. I accepted as I knew I only had to stay one year, so why not?

Flying into Yellowknife and Inuvik was an experience. The landscape was so different from what I’d seen in the south – vast stretches of empty landscape and numerous waterways.

I had to stay overnight in Inuvik and I remember looking out from the hotel room after midnight and it was still quite light out. Land of the Midnight sun indeed.

I ended up staying and teaching three years. I got to visit Inuvik, Tuktoyuktuk, the DEW line, Yellowknife and Whitehorse in the Yukon. I met many people and got to know many of the local people.

I was in the minority up north – maybe 30 or 40 white people to 800 native people. It was quite a different feeling and one that we all should experience at least once in our lives.

The other teachers became my family and I relied on them. We spent a lot of time together – to this day I still miss that closeness. The experiences I had in the north forever marked me, forever changed me.

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