March Slice of Life – Day 18: Q


Today is Day 18 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.


Q is for Questions

When I was very young, the questions I had were fairly easily answered:

Why is the sky blue?

Where does rain come from?

Why do birds lay eggs?


But as I grew up, some questions became much more difficult to find answers for:

Why are we here?

What is my purpose?

Why does God allow evil?

Why is there so much evil in the world?

When I turned 65, the questions I sought answers for when I was younger came back with a vengeance.

I still wonder about what my passion is. I feel stuck right now.

I wonder how many “good” years I have left. My mother’s first stroke was at 68. Do I need to worry?

I worry about my husband’s health. What can I do to help him? What is really wrong with his heart?

I worry about the future of our world. Why are politicians so stuck on budgets and cuts and not on making life better for the least of our citizens?

I wonder about belonging, about feeling on the outside looking in, about my place in the world. The questions are becoming more personal, deeper.

Faith, love and compassion all have a hand in my search for answers.


13 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 18: Q

  1. I often wonder Bev, if our parents’ worlds was as complex as ours seems to be now. My parents lived through the depression and major wars. The world seems smaller now and the ripples of what happens across the globe reaches us at lightning speed. Is that why things seem so challenging? Sometimes, I think we are on information overload.

  2. Your post is not only reflective but I note a sense of anxiety as well. Above all, I hope you find a place to belong, your purpose and place in the world. It sounds like you are looking in the right places for answers. Hopefully, you find some.

  3. I guess there will always be questions, some easily answered and some not. On a wide scale questions lead to breakthroughs in science and medicine. Personally the questions we ask ourselves can only be answered, if ever, through introspection. Your last line is what we need to find those answers.

  4. I think you have hit on questions that many people ask. I wonder if this is different for us today than it was in the past. Did American during World War II have a clearer sense of purpose than we do today because they were united against a clear, common enemy? My goal is to take small steps — do I enjoy this and feel fulfilled? How can I make a difference? Can I do it by working locally? I don’t have answers, just questions.

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