March Slice of Life – Day 19: R


Today is Day 19 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.


R is for Romance and Roses

My hubby is a romantic at heart. He makes me feel beautiful and cherished. For most of our (almost 15 year) marriage, there have been fresh flowers on the dining room table, usually roses.

He also gives me cards on special days as just-because gifts because he was thinking of me.

I have a favourite story though about roses, that took place the first Valentine’s Day after we married. We were living apart as we awaited the transplant – I needed to stay with my board so I would have coverage. (It was a very challenging year).

Bill sent me a box of beautiful long stemmed red roses to my school and I had to pick them up at the office. Did I ever get teased and of course everyone wanted to see them, including my students.

I took the roses home and placed them in water. First though, I cut the stems as the vase wasn’t tall enough. No, I did not know you paid more for long stemmed roses or that you shouldn’t cut them. I’d never received them before. When I talked to him that night, I didn’t mention I’d cut them and when he arrived for the weekend, he never said anything about them being chopped off.

It was only when we were visiting his parents and the story of the beautiful roses came up, that I learned just how wrong I was to cut the roses. Bill’s mom was aghast. I never lived it down.

Bill never bought me long stemmed roses again, although there were lots of other roses over the years.



10 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 19: R

  1. Today was the first time I clicked on your blog and I love your ABC-way to generate an idea. I plan to go back and read prior letter-days and wonder what day 27-21 will be! I read about roses and thought I would have done the same thing. WHO is suppose to teach us these thing?? Once again, I am reminded through your story of all that I still have to learn, including about roses!! Thanks for sharing.

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