Blogging A to Z – C is for Concerts


Today is C – for the Blogging A to Z April Challenge.

C is for Concerts.

Yesterday it was bands – today concerts. Makes sense.  There have been so many concerts I wish I had been able to attend – Adele, Tina Turner, the Beatles, Cher, Lady Gaga. Whether it was money or distance or work, there was always a reason I didn’t go.

I have been to local free concerts and small concerts in schools and churches which have been just as enjoyable as the big name ones that sellout in minutes.

Here are a few I have been to:

concerts 001


4 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z – C is for Concerts

    • I have been to more plays and musicals. Growing up in Toronto I had access to a lot of theatre. Now where I’m living, I am close to Stratford and many other theatres. Love them

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