Five Minute Friday – Neighbour



September 1 – after many weeks of a prolonged break from blogging, I knew it was time to return to challenges and writing. I have not written much this summer – and I actually miss it. So embracing daily routines should help me write and create more.

One writing challenge I plan to participate more in is the “Five Minute Friday”. The theme this week is “neighbour


Neighbours suggest caring, people who have our backs, who we are friendly with. We turn to neighbours when we need something and we willingly help our neighbours as well.

Who are our neighbours?

Someone who lives next door?

Someone who looks like us?

Someone we like?

If we are to follow the words of Jesus “Love your neighbours as yourself” – then our neighbours can and should be anyone. It is then our responsibility to treat each and every neighbour with love and dignity.

If only we would treat everyone me meet as a neighbour, as a friend, as a valued person.

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