ROW 80: Sunday Check-In


It is Sunday Check-in for Round 4 of ROW80, where it is recognized that everyone has a life and we all do the best we can.

I will make note of what I have achieved after each goal and highlight it.   (I have decided to post on Sundays only, until NaNoWriMo starts.)

*Write at least 1000 words a day. Yes. 
*Revise Catching Love, through the revision course with Lori Wilde. Week 1 went very well – first 5 chapters revised, with different criteria used.

*Finish writing Saving Christmas NO
*Win at NaNoWriMo (a November goal) Continue to use Janice Hardy’s Idea to Novel Workshop)

*Blog at least 3x a week. YES – counting my 3 blogs
*Write and publish 4 reviews for WOW . One due the 27th.
*Participate in Yoga Challenge at Prevention for next 3 months. YES
*Walk 10,000 steps a day. I’ve achieved this twice in past week.
*Take part in Write 31 Days by sharing my journey with 31 Days of Healthy Practices YES – have missed several days as I have been ill this week

*Read daily. YES
*Create art daily, taking part in several challenges. No
*Continue to declutter. Took 1 box to Goodwill this week

I will keep writing and working on these goals in the week ahead.

8 thoughts on “ROW 80: Sunday Check-In

    • Thanks so much.
      I’m following Janice’s blog series as well. Lots of great info.
      I debated about changing my steps – but I really do need to step it up. At least I am writing more.

  1. We all seem to have our ideal pace (barring special events like the NaNoWriMo) where not only do the words flow, but we also manage to maintain our health and sanity in a world that is constantly trying to draw our resources elsewhere. You, Bev, seem to be doing well in most places you’re devoting your efforts. Sorry to hear you’d been sick though. Keep taking care of yourself

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