Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”, where we encouraged to share a slice from our lives.

It is a  new year, with a chance for a fresh start and brand new opportunities. I have missed taking part in SOL, missed the community of writers especially. I need to get back into writing daily and as Amy Krouse Rosenthal said “Make the most of your time here.”

After a year of struggle, of little writing and stress over my husband’s health, I knew I needed a strong word that would encompass all that I wanted – more writing, more art, more of so many things. The word MORE expressed it all.

MORE P1013810

So, I chose more to guide me along with the over riding theme “Enjoy life more” to enhance my life. Today I created the canvas above, that will hang in my art room as a constant reminder.

There is a supermoon today and with a full moon, comes the chance to create a dream board. Last year, I only made a few, but I knew that I needed to get back on track this year.

Dreamboards can be powerful, as they pull from your subconscious dreams and desires that are  often buried.

This full moon is the Full Wolf Moon and the question I used for inspiration while creating the dreamboard was: “What are you hungry for?”



A couple of weeks ago, I also created a visionboard for the winter months. That has been a pretty steady practice the past few years,  to focus on what I hoped to achieve each season, especially for the winter.



19 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Glad you are back, Bev. What a great word that can take you in so many directions. It can lead to doing more as well as taking more time for yourself to just relax and enjoy. Wishing you more of everything.

  2. More sounds like the perfect word for you for this-coming year.

    BTW: Did you know Paris Rosenthal, Amy’s daughter, is publishing a book later this year that she co-authored with her mom? I don’t recall the title, but if you follow her on Instagram, you can learn more about it.

  3. Glad to see your beautiful and thoughtful work again, Bev. Your OLW sounds just right for what you’re needing this year. Sorry that it’s been a tough year and I’m wishing you “more” in 2018!

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