Book Review: Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62 by B. Lynn Goodwin

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I am very pleased to be part of the WOW – Women on Writing Blog tour for B. Lynn Goodwin’s book Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62.

My Review

Lynn Goodwin’s book Never Too Late is the perfect book for this week of romance.
Goodwin writes so honestly and draws us into her story so well, that we feel as if we are sitting together over coffee, sharing our life stories.

Having remarried at age 50, I do know that it is never too late to find love.

Goodwin describes in much detail and honesty how she met Richard through Craiglist, through their early dates, their engagement and onto their marriage. She gives us an intimate look at her fears about their differences. She knows how independent she is and wonders often about Richard’s controlling ways. She recognizes and appreciates his good qualities but hesitates giving control of her life, of her money, of her independence.

All couples must compromise when they join their lives. For Goodwin, being alone for 62 years, was a much greater challenge. I thoroughly enjoined following their love story, their challenges and how they overcame them and how they made their romance work.

“We were a couple of good-hearted, imperfect, youngish seniors, partnering up.”
They each had their own motto that served them well throughout:
Richard: “The secret to marriage is to have no secrets.”
Lynn: “Pick your battles.”

I highly recommend this book. It is an honest, realistic examination of meeting someone and falling in love. It really is never too late.


About the Author


B. Lynn Goodwin is the owner of Writer Advice, She’s written You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers (Tate Publishing) and Talent (Eternal Press). Talent was short-listed for a Literary Lightbox Awardand won a bronze medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards and was a finalist for a Sarton Women’s Book Award.

Her manuscript, Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62was published by Koehler Press on December 20, 2017. Goodwin’s work has appeared in Voices of CaregiversHip MamaDramatics MagazineInspire Me TodayThe SunGood Housekeeping.comPurple and elsewhere. She is a reviewer and teacher at Story Circle Network, and she is a manuscript coach at Writer Advice. She always has time to write guest blog posts and answer questions. She loves working one on one, trouble-shooting, and helping writers find what works.

She can be found online at:







About the Book

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How does a 62-year-old woman who’s never been married find happiness with a two-time widower seeking his third wife on . . . Craigslist!?

Does she throw caution to the wind and relinquish her freedom, or should she take a crash course in compromises?

Author B. Lynn Goodwin tells all and more in Never Too Late. How she was attracted to Richard’s clear expectations, his honesty, and his incredible openness. She’d never met anyone like him. Would she recognize love if it knocked on her heart? And could an educated woman be happy moving into a blue-collar world?

Whether you’ve been single forever, are trapped in an unhappy marriage, or you’re simply curious, you’ll find secrets to a happy marriage in Never Too Late.

Paperback: 222 Pages
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Koehler Books (December 20, 2017)
ISBN-10: 1633936082
ISBN-13: 978-1633936089

Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62 is available for print and eBook at AmazonBarnes & Noble and IndieBound.

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(To be transparent, I did receive an advance copy)