Day 13 – March SOL


Today is Day 13 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”
(For the photo challenge I am using as the prompts for this month, the prompt is HA!)

The last laugh is on us here in Ontario. I know I have often said how thankful I am that I live in Canada and not under Trump rule. But, then on the weekend, another member of the infamous Ford gang was elected (with irregularities) as the new leader of the PC party in Ontario.
It was bad enough that crack-smoking Rob Ford was mayor of Toronto. Now we have his brother Doug chomping at the bit to be Premier of Ontario.

P1013862.JPG(Source: Toronto Star, page 1 from Sunday March 11, 2018) with my drawings)

The election is in June. Right now we have a liberal majority under Kathleen Wynne, who is unpopular. It is setting up to be a repeat of the 2016 U.S.election.
The alt right/religious right and white supremacists are surfacing from under their rocks to try to impose their hateful agendas on Ontario.
I shudder at what is to come and what is at stake. Hopefully, enough people will wake up, look at the disaster that is Trump and PC and vote against them.

10 thoughts on “Day 13 – March SOL

  1. I almost wrote about Ford the other day but was in too much shock in a bad way. I disagree with so much of what he says, but I also can’t stomach the idea that this man could represent our province. Yikes.

    • I grew up in TO, still have family there, and read the Star every day. I couldn’t understand at all Ford’s appeal then, or Dougie’s appeal now. Ugh. Too much like the Trumper movement in the States.

  2. One can only that others will learn from what is happening here. Every day I watch the news and shake my head. Here’s hoping for a better turn of events for you.

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