Day 16 – March Slice of Life


Today is Day 16 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.
The theme today for the photo challenge I am using as inspiration is “Money”

Money has never been that important to me. Yes, I need it and have worked hard to save it and it is nice to have. But, I don’t obsess over it and don’t worry about it much anymore. As a single parent, I worried but I was always able to find a way to pay my bills and get what my children needed.

Since my remarriage, we have gotten rid of all debt, paid off our mortgage and now live comfortably. My kids are settled, we have both retired and we are able to get what we need and usually what we want.
But now it is health that we worry about, and what hinders us. My hubby’s heart issues prevent us from travelling out of the country. And for that matter, even travelling too far away.
We had great plans to travel once we retired – to England, Australia, France. Money wasn’t an issue – now health is.
There is a saying by Lee Strasberg:
“Good health is the most important thing… More than money.”
So very true. Please – protect your health!

4 thoughts on “Day 16 – March Slice of Life

  1. How true. always thought the ideal situation was that you could retire from 40 – 60 and then go back to work from 60 til ? Lawmakers don’t agree with me. It is a shame how we put things off until we retire and then when the time comes we aren’t always able to do what we wanted to do when we were younger.

  2. I know – how true Bob. I’d love to travel but wouldn’t leave my hubby alone. Hopefully with the defibrillator, he will gradually get more stamina. he has started to swim at the Y again. Walking is still a challenge.

  3. Heath is so important! With our government system, you need money to keep your health. Then when you have your health, you won’t be able to travel because of all the medical bills. Just isn’t right!

  4. At least in Ontario our health care system is good. In fact, over 65, our drugs are paid for after a $100 deductible. My hubby’s meds are over $12,000 a year – he pays $100

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