Day 19 – March SOL


Today is Day 19 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.
The theme today for the photo challenge I am using for inspiration is “season”.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Already we have been having spring-like weather –warmer temperatures, melting snow, sunny days.
Yet it almost seems too early – half of March and April to get through til the really nice days of May arrive.
I love all our seasons, but especially spring and fall.

Here’s a tribute to spring as we say goodbye to winter:

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring
Goodbye to winter coats and boots
Hello to jackets and runners

Goodbye to frigid temperatures and snow
Hello to warmer weather and rain

Goodbye to slipping and sliding on ice
Hello to sloshing and stamping in rain puddles

Goodbye to furnaces and closed up houses
Hello to windows flung open

New life, green grass, mud and sun – welcome spring.


6 thoughts on “Day 19 – March SOL

    • Hard to believe you’re working on your 4th! Usually we get a lot of snow every winter – not this one. I’ve used this form as well with my students – they can all be successful.

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