Day 22 – March SOL


Today is Day 22 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.
The theme for today from the photo challenge I am using as inspiration is “Last Thing I Bought”.

Last Thing I Bought

As I sit to write this slice, I have just finished supper and checking the photo list. It is really quite fitting.
The last thing I bought today was a bottle of water just before we went in to see the musical “Hairspray” at our local theatre.

I have never seen it, only bits of the movie. But I loved this musical – it was so high energy with wonderful actors/singers. The message was awesome as well – acceptance of everyone, regardless of colour; follow and live your dreams; and accept and love yourself.
The leads were superb. Growing up in Toronto, I saw many top-class performances (the original Hair and Godspell). I would say the shows here are as high calibre but at a third of the cost.
I have seen so many wonderful shows – Les Mis, Mama Mia, British comedies, classic music shows and so many more.
This year we will see Man of La Mancha (I saw that musical with Richard Harris many, many years ago in T.O.) and Holiday Inn.
I drank my water as I watched the musical, tapping my foot often throughout the show. Three hours sped by quickly. Can’t wait to see the next show next month.

6 thoughts on “Day 22 – March SOL

  1. I agree with you, the message in Hairspray is incredibly affirming. I must admit that I have to restrain myself from singing along at musicals. The toe tapping is a better choice!

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