Day 24 – March SOL


Today is Day 24 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.
The theme for today from the photo challenge I am using for inspiration is “Perspective”.

We usually think of perspective as drawing objects in 2 dimension to give the impression of their 3D quality.
Perspective though, also refers to one’s point of view or how one looks at things.
When I look at my art room, it may seem over-crowded, but I see:
-possibilities – what I can do with different media and art supplies

-work finished and works in progress
-works my children have done


(A woven wheel I created and a colourful mask my daughter made)

-my struggles to get something right
-others’ works of art that inspire me
-books that mean so much, that I have learned from and used in teaching

I know my children see this room as cluttered, as junky and one that needs to be cleared out.


I suppose we are both right in a way – it just depends on one’s perspective.
I prefer mine!

10 thoughts on “Day 24 – March SOL

  1. Your photos are wonderful. Yes, perspective determines who we think is right or wrong. As long as it’s your space, you’re right! Here’s to possibilities.

  2. My daughter and I cleaned the sewing/craft room at our house 2 weekends ago so she could have some space to add her crafting and art. I’ve given the children a cupboard for supplies they can access on their own, without permission! My 7 year old now sits in there for long spans of time crafting.

  3. Bev, this made me smile. Kathy and I have different opinions on her her sewing room, but hey, it is her room. She doesn’t criticize my shop and I don’t complain about her sewing room.

  4. Powerful. Perspective changes everything. I love how you look at that space. Potential. Possibilities. Go you!

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