Day 29 – March Slice of Life


Today is Day 29 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.
The theme for today from the photo challenge I am using for inspiration is “Leaves”

There was rain today, misty at times but a bit steadier this evening when we were out. The snow is finally gone and the days have definitely been warmer. Yet, it is still March – I worry that we still have another winter blast due.
When I checked the back garden this afternoon, there were some more small plants pushing up through the soil, with tiny leaves.


I can’t remember what we planted there though. In the front garden, the tulips are sprouting, with the leaves almost two inches high.
Something is digging up our front gardens. My son saw a skunk digging up grubs in the lawn a couple of weeks ago. He stayed in the car until it waddled off. But we also have squirrels and chipmunks. It will be interesting to see what actually blooms when decent growing weather stays – and whether the animals have left the rest of the bulbs.

4 thoughts on “Day 29 – March Slice of Life

  1. It’s almost unreasonable how happy little green shoots make me at this time of year…and I didn’t even plant them! Each one is like the spring of an entire universe.

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