Slice of Life Tuesday


Today id Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

As we drove home this afternoon, I shut the book and already regretted finishing it so quickly.
I had been waiting and watching for “Bellewether” by Susanna Kearsley for months and months. (She’s a Canadian author)

bellewether 25094955
I have read all of her previous books and loved them, many are a combination of historical and contemporary fiction, with a love story.
So, on Saturday, when I finally saw it in Costco, I had to buy it .I vowed, though, that I would stretch it out and savour it. Normally, I would read a book late into the night, finishing it often at 3 or 4 in the morning. This time, I forced myself to stop at 1.
I read a bit on Mother’s Day, a bit more on Monday. Then today, with only about a quarter of the book left, I took it with us in the car and read in between our stops. And then, I finished it.
What a consummate storyteller Susanna is. The back and forth between present day to 1700s America was so well done, with  so many connections. I highly recommend this book – and all of her others.


Check here for a review from Goodreads.

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. I appreciate how you contrast a typical book binge of yours with stretching out this recent experience to savor; how stopping at 1 a.m. feels like a win for will power, rather than continuing to 3 or 4:00 🙂

  2. Some books are just hard to put down no matter what you tell yourself about stopping at a certain point or time. Sometimes the world has to wait while a book is being finished. I will have to tell Kathy about this author. These are the kinds of books she likes.

    • I know what you mean Bob. Sometimes I get so involved, the world around me just disappears. My sister-in-law got me hooked 3 years ago and now I have read all of her books. One of my favourites was “The Rose Garden” – historical but with time travel.

  3. I just finished The Rose garden and loved it. Thank you for telling me about this author. Please do give a list about other authors that you have liked. Thank you

    • I’ve only reread a few books – I find there are just too many i want to read. The Rose Garden was one tho that I did reread – and loved it as much as the first time.

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