SOL Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.


Today began earlier than I planned (8:45), with the doorbell ringing and ringing. I grabbed my housecoat and rushed to see who it was. A community health nurse was wanting a patient – she was obviously at the wrong house. She handed me my paper though, and so I stayed up to eat breakfast and read the paper.

My husband got up soon after, had his breakfast and then we showered. My son arrived by 9:30, first to fill one of our tires (OnStar diagnostic informed us a tire was low) and then to drive us to Hamilton for my husband’s transplant clinic appointment.

Normally my husband drives, but the distant from where we park would have exhausted him and I’m not driving at all now. My son has moved to our city to be there for us. Now he mows our lawns, does odd chores and even some driving. I could a nice meal on the day he comes.

I had hoped there would be some positive actions the doctor would take to help my husband – whether from this doctor, or his heart doctor. But each look at the numbers and say, everything looks okay.  Today, we didn’t even seen the doctore – we saw the nurse and the intern.

Yet my husband has trouble walking longer than a few minutes without stopping and huffing and puffing. He has gained at least 15 pounds in the past 4 months. He is discouraged, I am stressed and feel too little is being done. At least we are participating in a diabetic fit programme through the Y for 3 months – 6 weeks to go.

It is so hard to see your partner suffer  and not be able to do anything. I have gained some weight through stress eating as well. The past four years in particular have been a challenge for him. He sees the doctors saying “see you in a year” (heart dr) or “see you in 6 months (transplant dr) as a good thing – I see it as washing their hands of him – not knowing what to do.

All we can do, is go day by day, trying to eat well, take more steps and be there for each other.

10 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday

  1. What a raw and real slice of life. I was first reminded of what a wonderful age we live in, when OnStar can tell us a tire is low.Then there’s the human touch … or what seems to be the lack of it from trained people in such serious matters as a man’s heart. We live surrounded by incongruities. I do hope you’ll both keep stepping toward wellness each day and that great truth – “being there for each other” – is maybe the singular reason we’re all here.

  2. I really feel that doctors should be required to take a course on how to talk to patients. So often they brush you off or give insufficient information. It is hard when the one we love is suffering and there is nothing we can do except be there for him/her. Will keep you both in my thoughts, Bev.

  3. Wishing you well. Keep being there for each other. Keep moving. Find joy where you can and know you aren’t alone in the rest. How wonderful to have your son nearby.

  4. I agree with all the comments above. I hope our words can be encouraging during difficult times. A caring word and attitude from our healthcare professionals makes a difference and helps keep us moving toward goals… I hope you hear and see more of that as you keep on keeping on.

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