Tuesday Slice of Life


Today is Tuesday Slice of Life – the weekly writing challenge hosted at ”Two Writing Teachers”

Hard to believe that it is almost the end of February and in just days we will starting March SOL
I am actually excited to begin – although I am nervous. I am needing a big nudge to resume a daily writing practice. For some time, even a weekly writing practice has been a challenge.
I have decided to once again use the Encyclopedia of Me to write a daily passage and to write in alphabetical order.

AKR E of Methumb_eom

This is a guided journal created by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I hope to finish the journal this year and share it with my children.
Amy has been an inspiration in many ways, It is still hard to accept that she is gone and that it has been almost two years since her death.

I decided not to be a part of the Welcome Wagon this year. I needed to focus on my writing and visiting blogs as I am able. I have enjoyed the times I was part of the welcome wagon but do need a break.

I look forward to Friday as we begin another month of writing and sharing our slices. Hope it is a memorable month for all of us!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Slice of Life

  1. I too am looking forward, but just a bit apprehensively, to the daily challenge starting Friday, and for the same reasons you state. But thank you for telling us about the guided journal. I will look into this. Thank you! I do have my own journal, but there’s nothing urging me to write every day.

  2. I am so with you, Bev. I hesitated for a long time… and then finally committed. My mantra for March #SOL19 is “Brief and Rough.” I think that will get me through the 31 days. I was part of the Welcome Wagon last year and the reading and commenting (which is really writing) took so much more time than writing my slice. I love getting to know new slicers, but I also wanted to read and write with slicers I’ve feel like I know. I will be looking for you!

    • Thanks Alice. i had been on the welcome wagon for several years and that’s exactly what I thought this year – I wanted to focus more on getting to know some of the slicers, not necessarily just newer ones.

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