Day 27 -March Slice of Life


Y is for Yes
Saying yes to life is such a positive attitude and action. Too often I say no before I really have had time to think about it.
In Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes”, she decided to say yes to “everything that takes me out of my comfort zone”. She chronicled her voyage of saying yes, to help her overcome her happiness and fears.
I need to say yes more often:
-to visit new places
-to meet new people
-to try new foods
-to try different activities
-to overcome fears

6 thoughts on “Day 27 -March Slice of Life

  1. Saying “No” sometimes is easier because we can stick with the known. Sometimes saying “Yes” means we have to expand ourselves and grow. Not a bad thing. Good luck to more “Yeses” in your life, Bev.

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