Day 28 – March Slice of Life


Z is for Zzzzz
Getting a full, uninterrupted eight hours of Zzzzzs would be bliss.
Being able to get right to sleep when I hit the pillow would be bliss as well.
Sometimes, I am up til 2 am, until I actually feel tired.
I know I will then be up in 3 or 4 hours (aging body, what can I say), then back to sleep for 3 or 4 more hours, if I am lucky.
The alarm is set for 9 am so that my hubby can take his anti-rejection drugs. Sometimes I’ll go back to a restless sleep for an hour or two, but usually I’m up.
But I’m tired, my eyes are sore. Getting enough Zzzzs seems an unlikely occurrence right now.
My goal though for April is to get more exercise as well as taking some yoga classes. I will hopefully wear myself out so I get to be earlier and fall asleep more easily.
Wish me luck
(any suggestions for a better sleep??)

12 thoughts on “Day 28 – March Slice of Life

  1. I get up so early that I’m usually falling asleep on the couch by 8p! I can feel your tired frustration in this post. As for suggestions: maybe try establishing a bedtime routine, turning off lights and screens at a designated hour. I find that, and gratitude journaling to put my mind at ease just before I turn off the light helps immensely.

  2. I have a friend who has similar sleep problems and hasn’t yet found a solution. Have you tried downloading an audiobook and listening to it with earphones? I do that sometimes and find I’ve missed a whole chapter as I’ve drifted off!

    • Reading at bedtime is a bad habit – as I have never fallen aslep over a book – rather I could be up til 3 or 4. I haven’t tried audiobooks tho. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I guess one benefit of not being able to sleep is that you get to be the first slicer! Like a previous commenter, I wake up really early, so I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep. I hope you find a solution soon, that can’t be fun!

    • Thanks . Got a chuckle about being first – true that! Maybe i need to just set my alarm earlier and force myself up no matter what. Then I would definitely be tired at night

  4. Very frustrating when you can’t get enough Zzzzzs! I feel your frustration. I love yoga! I find myself sleeping a lot better when I do yoga. Good luck on getting more Zzzzzs! I hope you do soon!

  5. I am not the one to ask for advice , Bev. I rarely have difficulty falling asleep and can sleep for a good eight hours. In fact, my eyes are burning now ready for sleep as I write this.

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