Connect Five


This month I have been trying to connect some of my reading choices and have completed a Connect Five for that challenge at Book Date..

These books all have “One“ in the title (three by the same author) and all are romances.


Band+on+the+Run+1.0+One+More+Kiss+Samantha+Chase    Band+on+the+Run+2.0+One+More+Promise+Samantha+ChaseSamantha+Chase+Band+On+The+Run+3+One+More+Moment

One More Kiss by Samantha Chase (4 ½ stars)
One More Promise by Samantha Chase (4 ½ stars)
One More Moment by Samantha Chase (5 stars)

Samantha Chase’s books are the “Band on the Run” series and follow three of the Shaugnessy band’s members.


1 and only51IZVGlGpwL

One and Only by Jenny Holiday (5 stars)

This is the first book in Holiday’s “Bridesmaids Behaving Badly” series – all are an enjoyable, fun, romantic  read


1 day in dec412UfeEvhlL

One Day in December by Josie Silver (5 stars)

I had been wanting to read that one for a while and thoroughly enjoyed it.   The story of Laurie, Sarah and Jack is a complicated one and filled with love, heartbreak and missed opportunities.


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