Sunday Check-In – ROW 80


ROW80LogocopyThis is my first check-in of the new Second Round.

ROW 80 provides a special way to encourage/nurture one’s writing – they provide accountability, with the belief that we all have lives, so we do the best we can.

This past week I have concentrated on writing a bit each day (around 500 words, which was my number 1 goal) as well as organizing my writing and articles I plan to read.

I have several romance novels started, so read them to see which I hoped to work on this round. i also re-read several of the picture book scripts I have completed. This will help me move forward, as I write and revise.

I have been able to create my daily collage cards for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge.

Of course I’ve been reading each day. But I have been sick with a cold, so I did not do much more than that this week.

As my head clears, I hope to write for longer blocks of time and get more accomplished.


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