Connect Five


In the past week I have completed two more “Connect Fives”. This challenge has definitely become my favourite reading challenge. As I read a book, I try to find a connection that I can link to other books. Often, I do a search of a theme to see what books would work. (Goodreads is good for this – check their lists).
Then I check at the library to see if any of these books are available – and most times I am lucky. I also check through my Kindle books – and usually find some there as well.
Then I get to read these books, many of which I might not have read otherwise.

Connection 1: Books by Patricia Briggs
Her Mercy Thompson paranormal series had been recommended on many different reading/book sites. I finally decided to read at least one. Just to see what the fuss or the hype was about.
Well, I was hooked and now I have devoured 10 books and am on my eleventh. The next in the series (book 12- although not sure if it will be the last) won’t be out til next year (!)
The series highlights walker Mercy Thompson, a coyote shapeshifter raised by werewolves. Each book focuses on a myth or legend, with lots of twists and turns. Mercy sides with honour, loyalty, love, friendships, bravery and draw many to her side – from werewolves, especially the Alpha Adam. Vampires, fae and others. They fight hate, revenge, dishonour, lies, death.



Moon Called (Book 1)
(Blood Bound – BK. 2 – but am using for my next connect 5)
(Iron Kissed (Book 3 – using this for another connect 5 as well)
Bone Crossed (Book 4)
Silver Borne (Book 5)
River Marked (Book 6)

Frost Burned (Book 7)

Connection 2: Alliterative Titles
This was a fun one and it wasn’t until I had read a couple of books that I realized the connection. (The last book was Book 2 of Patricia Briggs’ series.) So this connection included: 1 classic, 3 romances and 1 paranormal


Decoy Date by Mira Lyn Kelly

decoy 31190902

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

blood 285205

Sweet Suzie Sweet by Katie Graykowski

sweet 40237202

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

p and p1885

Deja Date by Susan Hatler

deja 23363234


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