Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Tropes


Top Ten Tuesday is the weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.
This week’s theme is: favourite tropes. A trope is defined as a common or overused theme, device or cliché. Some view tropes to be avoided. Yet, they can be used effectively and make for a fun read.

Here are 10 tropes I enjoy reading, with 2 books for each trope I have read this year and thoroughly enjoyed:
1. Time Travel (especially involving Highlanders)

39910639._SY475_  34644864._SY475_

My favourite though is The Rose Garden by Susanna kearsley

rose garden9792287

2. Lists

life list16127237    birthday list43699930

3. Friends to Lovers

summer of sunshine41452250  flatshare 36478784._SY475_

4. Sisters

sisters like us35083338  goodbye cafe 40538666._SY475_

5. Fake Fiances/Husbands

wedding date 38576218._SY475_  unhoney42201431


6. Second chances

1 day in dec412UfeEvhlL  p and p1885

7. On the beach or an island

view 37003241  honeymooner40606975._SY475_


8. Small towns

why not37686711  good ones40058288

9. Werewolves, shifters (Gotta have a paranormal trope!)

charming 17333338  44413718._UY200_

10.  Returning home/family dynamics

how to keep a secret36743941   cliff house 40115559


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