Connect Five – Anne Bishop – The Others series

The Connect 5 reading challenge hosted at “The Book Date” urges us to connect five books in some way.

Several bloggers had recommended The Others series by Anne Bishop, so I read the first at the beginning of August and was hooked. The library had the first two and the fifth, so I had to go out and buy 3 and 4.

What an amazing dark fantasy series. Loved the created world, the characters, but especially loved Meg, the blood prophet and Simon, The Wolf. Trouble is – now the series is finished and I want more about these two!

Here are the books:

Written In Red.indd

Written in Red



Murder of Crows

Vision in Silver


Marked in Flesh


Etched in Bone


4 thoughts on “Connect Five – Anne Bishop – The Others series

    • I so agree Flora. At least now that I am retired I have more time to read – just that now too, there are so many more books I want to read!
      I loved Bishop’s series. A must read. I have just ordered 2 more books in her Others realm.

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