Top Ten Tuesday – Changes in My Reading Life


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week a new topic or question is posted and we are asked to respond with 10 books or items.

This week’s TTT topic is ‘Changes in My Reading Life’.

Many are choosing to look at changes since a decade ago.
The greatest changes in my reading life though, have occurred since I retired in 2013 after 30+ years of teaching.

The changes I have seen:

1. I definitely read way more – usually a book a day. While teaching, I was lucky to read 40-50 books a year. Now, I read 400+ books (which does include at least 100 picture books a year).

2. I faithfully record my reading now and in much more detail. For the past four years I’ve kept a weekly planner and list the books read, along with the author, genre, *rating, where I got it and any info relating to a challenge for which I read it. I set goals for each month as well.

3. I use Goodreads regularly – to keep track of books read (I list by year and genre), for contests (I’ve won several books), for looking up books for reading challenges or for other books by favourite authors.

4. I participate in a number of reading challenges (PopSugar, 52 Books in 54 Weeks, Monthly Motif, Beyond the Bookends, Connect 5). These challenges have stretched my reading (especially by genre) and have been challenging at times. I’ve read many books I never would have but for the challenges.

5. I have tried to curb my spending on books, although I still prefer books over e-books and definitely over audiobooks. I use the library frequently, ordering books online to save time searching at the library. I try to frequent thrift shops, use BookBub and Freebooksy for e-books and swap with friends. But my shelves are still overflowing – and I still have way too many TBR!

6. I tend to binge read certain authors and genres, although I usually read more romance or fantasy. This fall my genre choices have been historical romances, fantasy and paranormal series and contemporary romances. I have been reading more diverse books as well as diverse authors.

7. I started a book/writing blog just a few years ago and enjoy taking part in numerous weekly memes.

8. I joined WOW (Women on Writing) as a reviewer. I’ve read and reviewed a number of fascinating books.

9. I am involved more online in the bookish community, as well as in our local boo community: joining groups on facebook, following authors on twitter and Instagram. I try to attend author visits through our library or local bookstores.

10. I will now stop reading a book and declare it a DNF if it doesn’t capture my attention. There are just too many books to read to keep reading uninspiring books, even if it is part of a series.

How has your reading life changed in the past few years??


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Changes in My Reading Life

  1. We are so similar I retired from a long life of teaching too – five years ago. Strangely I read more when teaching! I think because I took up quilting which is as addictive as reading! You certainly have made some great changes.

    • Thanks Kathryn. I collect quilting magazines and have wanted to sew a crazy quilt for so long. With my hubby’s poor health, I’ve slipped into reading as an antidote to stress.

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