PopSugar reading Challenge


I have been participating in, and enjoying, this reading challenge from Goodreads for several years. It is challenging and fun. I am looking forward to the 2020 version.

(Check here for more information.)

The categories for 2020 are:

  1. Book Published in 2020:
  2. By a Trans or Nonbinary Author:
  3. Book With a Great First Line:
  4. Book About a Book Club:
  5. Book Set in a City That Has Hosted the Olympics:
  6. Bildungsroman:
  7. The First Book Yo Touch on a Shelf With Your Eyes Closed:
  8. Book With an Upside-Down Image on the Cover:
  9. Book With a Map:
  10. Book Recommended by Your Favorite Blog, Vlog, Podcast, Or Online Book Club:
  11. Anthology:
  12. Book That Passes the Bechtel Test:
  13. Book With the Same Title as a Movie or TV Show but is Unrelated to It:
  14. By an Author with Flora or Fauna in Their Name:
  15. About or Involving Social Media:
  16. Has a Book on the Cover:
  17. Medical Thriller:
  18. With Made-Up Language:
  19. Set in a Country Beginning with “C”:
  20. Book You Picked Because the Title Caught Your Attention:
  21. Published the Month of Your Birthday:
  22. By or About a Woman in STEM:
  23. Won an Award on 2019:
  24. On a Subject You know Nothing About:
  25. With Only Words on the Cover, No Graphics or Images:
  26. Pun in the Title:
  27. Featuring One of the Seven Deadly Sins:
  28. With a Robot, Cyborg or AI Character:
  29. Bird on the Cover:
  30. Fiction or Nonfiction Book About a World Leader:
  31. With “Gold,” “Silver” or “Bronze” in the Title:
  32. Book by a WOC:
  33. With at Least A Four-Star Rating on Goodreads:
  34. Book You Meant to Read in 2019:
  35. Three-Word Title:
  36. Pink Cover:
  37. Western:
  38. By or About a Journalist:
  39. Read a Banned Book During Banned Books Week:
  40. Your Favorite Prompt From a Past Popsugar Reading Challenge:
  1. Written by an Author in Their 20s:
  2. With 20 or “Twenty” in the Title:
  3. With a Character with a Vision Impairment or Enhancement (Nod to 20/20 Vision):
  4. Book Set in Japan, Host of the 2020 Olympics:
  5. Book Set in the 1920s:
  6. By An Author who has Written More Than 20 Books:
  7. Book With More Than 20 Letters in Its Title:
  8. Book Published in the 20th Century:
  9. Book From a Series With More Than 20 Books:
  10. With a Main Character  in Their 20s:

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