52 Books in 52 Weeks


I enjoy this reading challenge hosted at  Mommy Mannegran as much as the Popsugar challenge. Some categories overlap with both, but there are some interesting differences that make both of them fun to do.

Check here for guidelines, a pdf of categories and link to the facebook group.


1. Letter “W” in the Title:
2. Hardcover:
3. Indigenous Author:
4. Set In Winter:
5. Character Who is a Senior:
6. Written in the 1970s:
7. Author Local to You:
8. Orange on the Cover:
9. Set in Space:
10. Bestseller:
11. Leaves You Thinking:
12, A “Guilty Pleasure”:
13, By a Female Author:
14. Book in a Series:
15. Book With Romance:
16. Borrowed From a Friend:
17. Written by More Than One Author:
18. Published in 2020:
19. Stephen King Novel:
20. Author Whose Last Name Starts With the Same Initial as Yours:
21. By a Blogger or Journalist:
22. Character That Frustrates You:
23. Title Beginning With “A”:
24. Title Beginning With “B”:
25. Title Beginning With “C”:
26. A Strong “Friendship” Theme:
27. A Comic Book:
28. Literary Fiction:
29. Award-Winning Novel:
30. Book With Recipes Inside:
31. Book Featuring Royalty:
32. Spy Novel:
33. Book Containing Poetry:
34. Book With Illustrations:
35. An Author’s Debut Book:
36. Written in First Person:
37. Featuring the Medical Profession:
38. Set in the Future:
39. Used in a Celebrity Book Club:
40. Book on the Mensa reading list for grades 9-12:
41, Published When You Were 20:
42. Reuse a Prompt From Last Year:
43. Set in A Country You’ve Never Visited:
44. “Recommended” to You by Amazon:
45. Book That Cost you Less than $5:
46. By an Author Used in an Earlier Category:
47. Story Takes Place on a Mode of Transportation:
48. Character Who Wears Glasses:
49. About A World Leader:
50. Author You Previously Disliked:
51. Genre You Don’t Normally Care For:
52. Book With a Foreword:

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