Connect Five Friday


Every Friday, Kathryn at the Bookdate, asks us to share 5 things that connect in some way – whether books or bookish things.

As I was reading Chapter 10 (“Bookworm Problems”) from Anne Bogel’s (Modern Mrs. Darcy) book “I’d Rather Be Reading” (The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life), I realized that most of the problems she described, I can relate to.


The top 5?
1. I have thousands of books, between my TBR list, ebooks and my own shelves, but I often can’t decide what to read next, so I will go out and buy more books.

2. I borrow so many books from the library that I have to keep a print-out of when books are due so that I don’t get overdue charges. It also helps me organize what to read first.

3. I often read til 2 or 3 in the morning because I just need to finish one more chapter, then one more, then one more…

4. How can you just list 3 of your favourite books???

5. You come to the end of an amazing book or series (especially a series!) and you despair – how can there ever be another one like that??

11 thoughts on “Connect Five Friday

  1. So relatable!! I don’t take many books out from the library any more, but the only way I can keep track of them is to make sure that the due dates are always on Thursdays. So if I pick up books on Tuesday or Wednesday, I go online and “renew” them on Thursday! It works for me!

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