Guest Post by Jason Kolinsky: The Writers Board Done Digitally (SAVE THE CAT!)


As part of the WOW blog tour for the Save the Cat! Writes a Novel and the Save the Cat! Structure Software, Jason Kolinsky has agreed to share with us how to use the software to create the writer’s board..

Welcome Jason!


The Writers Board Done Digitally

By Jason Kolinsky

Let’s talk about a writer’s tool that is just as important to a screenwriter and a novelist as pen, paper, and laptop, yet hardly spoken about: The Writers Board.

I like to think of the Writers Board as a therapeutic headache – pulling together the corkboards, index cards, push pins, and scotch tape on hotel walls when on a production—yet it reveals. It reveals both what’s working and where the holes are in a story. That’s why all professional writers have some version of the famed Board.  If an aspiring or individual writer doesn’t have a Writers Board… now’s the time to get one.

Don’t take it from me, take it from Blake Snyder, the author of the #1 bestseller, the bible of storytelling, Save the Cat!®, who called the Writers Board “the most vital piece of equipment a screenwriter needs.”

There is now software that allows the writer to take their board everywhere without the hassle of pulling the board down, moving it around, or recreating it on the road. Save the Cat! Story Structure Software is a virtual writers board with digital index cards to help writers organize and plot their story. Writers now can develop profiles of their characters and track their scene movements and emotional transformations… digitally. The software has the Save the Cat! hints throughout, including the 15 beats/plot points and 40 cards/scenes.

The digital Writers Board is therapeutic. It will lessen your headaches, but don’t worry, the software won’t eliminate your headaches—after all, choosing to become a writer means you’re a glutton for some punishment. 😊


About the Author:

Jason Kolinsky is a partner and the first Chief Marketing Officer for Save the Cat! Jason is a seasoned marketing leader who has won Cannes Lions and has held senior roles at world-class global communication agencies, McCann Worldgroup and BBDO/Proximity.


About Save the Cat!

Save the Cat!®  is the bestselling story methodology introduced by screenwriter Blake Snyder in 2005 with his first book, Save the Cat! The Last Screenwriting Book You’ll Ever Need. Snyder’s acclaimed ideas, methods, and software have provided thousands of writers with the resources they need to develop their screenplays and novels.


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